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Autumn Ball – 2016

Осенний бал - 2016
“A melancholy time! So charming to the eye!”… Autumn has swiftly taken over in Yerevan and has united the students of the MSU Branch within the Autumn Ball. This beautiful annual event organized by the efforts of the Student Council used to take place merely for entertainment purposes. For studentship is not only about lectures and workshops but also about rich extracurricular activities. A life full of socialization, emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Autumn Ball brought together all the students of the university in wonderful ambience of breathtaking sound of waltz! The Autumn Ball of 2016 kept many features of ball etiquette. All students followed the strict rule of dress code and dressed appropriately: ladies were wearing ball or evening gowns while gentlemen were in suit and tie or bowtie. It is no coincidence that the first words that are associated with the word ball are dignity, honor and beauty.

Solo performances of female students of the Branch introduced the Autumn Ball. Accompanied by the university jazz band, which once again performed perfectly, they performed a number of famous musical compositions.

The major criteria for selection of dance music for the Autumn Ball were the joy and positivity of human emotions. Ladies and their men – freshmen students posseted ecstatically in waltz and demonstrated high dancing class. Festive ambience was prevailing throughout.

A reception followed the ball and both students and guests of the Autumn Ball were invited to it. The presence of guests was one of the advantages of this unforgettable evening.

Special vigor and awe were caused by the discotheque at the end of the event which totally put the guys at ease.
One of the beautiful and memorable evenings of the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year was no slouch thanks to the enthusiasm of the organizers and participants.

This good tradition will spark its golden flames for many more times to come under the roof of our Branch.

Stepanavan – 2016

Stepanavan - 2016
Between 17 and 20 August of 2016 students of the MSU Branch visited the student camp in Stepanavan. In those days were organized such intellectual games as “What? When? Where?”, “Brain Ring”, “Your Own Game” and so on. The entertainment program for participants included a visit to the Sochut Dendropark, a music night and so on.

The team of “MSU-ive crowd” representing the Yerevan Branch included students of various departments of the preparatory department such as Sona Tevosyan and Mikhail Arutyunov from Journalism, Artyush Mkrtchyan from International Affairs, Mesrop Harutyunyan from Linguistics. The team leader was Levon Shoyan from the preparatory department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics who took the third prize in “Your Own Game” (the language of the game was Armenian) and the first prize in the original game.

In the camp “Stepanavan 2016” the “MSU-ive crowd” won the third prize in “What? When? Where?” and the second prize in “Brain Ring”. A participant from Team A stood out: out of 48 participants of “Your Own Game” (in Russian) by having the best results he entered the finale and won the third prize.

Among the prizes received by the team of the MSU Branch were certificates, cups, and books.

The cleverest student of the Branch has been selected

The Cleverest
An intervarsity intellectual game called “The Cleverest” was organized in the Branch on April 20, 2016. Previously, on April 13, a selection process was arranged by the organizers as a result of which out of 20 participants 12 best were selected to participate in the final round.

The organizer of the event was the Scientific Division of the Student Council. The host as well as the author of questions was once again the student of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Department, Vice President of the Student Council of the Branch Levon Shoyan. The game was run based on the rules of the TV show “The Cleverest”.

The winner of the game was the student of International Affairs of the Preparatory course Anahit Tsaturyan, the runner-up was the student of Journalism Department Raya Khachatryan, and the third prize received another future diplomat Maxim Spal. The winners of all prizes received certificates, books and other gifts.

Raya Khachatryan
Direction “Journalism”, 1st year

Spring Ball

vesennij_balA large dance festival dedicated to spring which was organized in the framework of a cultural and educational project called “Business Etiquette” by Oksana Yurievna Zakharova, Professor of Chair for Strategic Communication of Foreign Policy, Department of World Politics of Lomonosov MSU. The project was a logical follow-up to ‘Protocol Tea-party’. What a future diplomat holds without the basic knowledge of Viennese waltz?!..

The Spring Ball gathered the freshmen of the branch in a luxury atmosphere of breathtaking music of waltz, polonaise and polka…

Young ladies who attended the Spring Ball turned to charming ladies that night and their partners turned to noble companions.

It was clear that the students have been preparing with excitement going through a master class with the initiator of this fascinating ball, the auther of numerous books dedicated to Russian state ceremonial culture – Oksana Yurievna Zakharova.

The delightful event attracted the attention of not only students but also their friends.

The Ball is over but the charming atmosphere will long excite and thrill the young hearts.

“What? Where? When?” championship

What? When? Where?

On December 17, 2015 the first University championship on “What? Where? When?” and “Your Own Game” took place in the Yerevan branch of Lomonosov MSU.

There were 5 departmental teams that took part in the intellectual contest ‘What? Where? When?’. According to the final scores, the team of the Department of International Relations won the contest, the runner-up was the team of the Major of Law, whereas the third place went to the team of the Major of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

In the “Your Own Game” contest the winner’s podium was fully filled by students of International Relations Department: Anahit Tsaturyan (1 place), Gevorg Hakobyan (2 place), Artush Mkrtchyan (3 place).

The championship was organized by the scientific sector of the Student Council of the branch. The auther of questions as well as the host of the championship was the multiple participant of the televised version of the intellectual game “What? Where? When?”, Vice President of the Student Council of the branch Levon Shoyan.

We congratulate all the winners and wish them further success!!!!

Fall Ball – 2015



On October 31, 2015 marked the Fall Ball for freshman in the branch of Lomonosov MSU.


The major event was the handing in of student IDs and the dedication of freshment.


The tradition of Fall Balls is one of the most favorite for students of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
MSU develops and keeps this wonderful tradition which truly became one of the most beautiful events of Alma Mater!