Agreement on the Establishment of the Branch

The building of Lomonosov MSUOn 20.02.2015 Rector of Lomonosov MSU Viktor Antonomich Sadovnichy and RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Gevorgovich Ashotyan signed an Agreement to establish MSU branch in Yerevan.
Both sides have emphasized that the creation of MSU branch in Armenia is not only a powerful international education project but also a significant social event which, undoubtedly, will enable to bring together these two friendly countries which is ultimately relevant given the current situation.
Having congratulated those present with the historic event, RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan reminded that the idea of creating the Yerevan branch of MSU has been expressed a number of times by Presidents of both countries.

Serzh Sargsyan, Vladimir Putin
“President Serzh Sargsyan was in this building and gave a lecture for Faculty and students. Vladimir Putin was in Armenia two years ago and within his official visit to Armenia during the final press conference he emphasized the importance of establishing a branch of MSU in Armenia”. The signing ceremony was opened by the MSU Rector, Academician of RAS, Viktor Sadovnichy. According to him, Armenian youth as well as of other countries will receive top quality education in the Yerevan branch of MSU which is based on the standards of the Moscow State University. “We highly value our diplomas and would like to warn that the education will be high-quality whereas the studies will be hard”.


soglashenie1“For the MSU the creation of a branch in Armenia is a tribute to the old, deep links and traditions, relations between our countries and nations, between our university and scientific and education community of Armenia. Throughout our paths, even in the hard 90s we have been closely cooperating with the Yerevan State University and have been supporting each other. And our joint participation in the Eurasian Univeristy Association within which we have been cooperating is yet another pledge that our cooperation with education systems of Armenia will be productive. All our physicists are students of the great scientist Viktor Hambardzumyan, our scientific schools, our astronomy institute, our Department of Physics are still expolring his works and we do support this research area. We honor the contribution to the science made by Armenian scientists”.


Thus, we do possess all the fundamental conditions required for creating the branch and we are certainly prepared to launch this activity. Ahead of us is a path to go since we are creating not a standard branch which exist in abundance (today there is a clear tendency of their excess due to the fact that they are being opened thoughtlessly), whereas we are establishing an education institution which will be a benchmark. And obviously the path to this will not be simple while we are full of strength and determination and we will make this happen’, pointed out MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichy.